And Finally It’s Coming Together…

10959719_398254627007737_2370765999576705201_nFINALLY! My dream is starting to take shape!

It has been a long time coming. I had this dream…a wish to be more in control of this chaotic thing we call life. I wanted a more creative outlet that was, well, more me than I had felt my life had become. Between kids, family, ball games, school, carpool lines and then my job (which I at one time loved but it had become a resentment over the years), there was no time for the special moments in life that let you feel connected to your family and loved ones. I was living in the haze of moving from one thing to the next just trying to get it all to fit into the day before i headed off to work the night shift. I knew I had to find something else that would allow me to be at home and more available to my family. There was no question in my mind. I knew i wanted to start a blog. It would allow me to connect with other creative minded folks like myself and hopefully, over time, would become my new job, but i wanted to do it the right way and do my research first (trust me, the journey of my process will be a post(s) in it self). I am soooo proud to say…FIREFLIES & MAGNOLIAS IS FINALLY A REALITY! I hope everyone will enjoy my posts and follow my new journey as a blogger!

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  1. Tiffani says:

    I am probably the person who is the MOST proud of you! You are getting to do what you have dreamt and it’s taking shape! Congrats to the most wonderful person ever and much success to someone who DEFINITELY deserves it!!! Love you immensely!

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