May the 4th Be With You

IMAG0158_1With “May the 4th” just around the corner I thought I would share this Star Wars printable I made for my better half for Christmas this past year.

Around our house you will find many a Star Wars lover. So when it comes to gift giving around here I usually head straight to my “go to” gift … anything Star Wars. Especially for my hard to buy for dh. So this past Christmas I was looking for that one gift that would just wow him. In years past I have bought numerous gifts that have just been returned in the days following Christmas. I was determined that he not return nor want to return anything this year. But after finding a lot of great gifts in the stores, I still hadn’t found my “wow” gift. That’s when I decided to try my hand in printables. I had this vision in my head  for  months, a picture of Darth Vader over the sheet music to the Imperial March. I just had no idea how to execute it!

After doing a little pinterest searching and playing with a photo editing app on my phone I was making some progress! The key was PHOTO OVERLAY! I was able to overlay the Darth Vader image over the  Imperial March sheet music all from the app on my phone. YES, my phone! I downloaded the images, created the printable & printed the print all from my phone! I was soooo happy with how it turned out and so was he! For once I had hit a homerun in the gift giving department with the dh. And they say women are hard to buy for….

And Finally It’s Coming Together…

10959719_398254627007737_2370765999576705201_nFINALLY! My dream is starting to take shape!

It has been a long time coming. I had this dream…a wish to be more in control of this chaotic thing we call life. I wanted a more creative outlet that was, well, more me than I had felt my life had become. Between kids, family, ball games, school, carpool lines and then my job (which I at one time loved but it had become a resentment over the years), there was no time for the special moments in life that let you feel connected to your family and loved ones. I was living in the haze of moving from one thing to the next just trying to get it all to fit into the day before i headed off to work the night shift. I knew I had to find something else that would allow me to be at home and more available to my family. There was no question in my mind. I knew i wanted to start a blog. It would allow me to connect with other creative minded folks like myself and hopefully, over time, would become my new job, but i wanted to do it the right way and do my research first (trust me, the journey of my process will be a post(s) in it self). I am soooo proud to say…FIREFLIES & MAGNOLIAS IS FINALLY A REALITY! I hope everyone will enjoy my posts and follow my new journey as a blogger!